Sunday, June 29, 2008

Workplace Violence is Not Domestic Violence, although in some cases, perpetrators can be involved in both activities

The United States Department of Justice National Crime Victimization Survey reports that approximately two million assaults and threats of violence occur each year in the workplace.

Each year:

nearly 1,000 workers are murdered
1.5 million workers are physically assaulted
And 51,000 rapes and sexual assaults are
reported to occur in the workplace

Furthermore, 6 million workers are threatened and 16 million workers (men and women) are subjected to harassment every single workday.

What is workplace violence?

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
(NIOSH), workplace violence is any physical assault, threatening behavior
or verbal abuse, occurring in the work setting. It includes, but is not
limited to beatings, stabbings, suicides, shootings, rapes, near suicides,
psychological traumas such as threats, obscene phone calls, an intimidating presence, and harassment of any nature such as being followed, sworn at or shouted at.

Who is responsible?

Employers have both a legal duty and a moral responsibility to provide workers a safe workplace

Employers have a responsibity to prevent loss of life and injuries.

Employers have a responsibility to limit financial losses and potential liability, employers should adopt policies and procedures to prevent violence from occurring in the workplace.

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