Friday, June 20, 2008

Things we don't write about at Latte

Search Keywords provide blog administrators with a wealth of information about the kind of information people are searching for on the Internet and in blogs.

Every time I think I've "seen it all" someone comes along and enters a phrase that totally blows me away...

So, here are the topics we DON'T write about -

Dan Pike's Mother
Dan Pike's Religious Beliefs
Dan Pike's Wife or Children
Dan Pike's personal life or friendships

Sati Mookherjee's family
Sati Mookherhee's personal relationships

Jere Hawn's personal life

Brett Bonner's personal life
Debbie Chavez's personal life
Why Brett and Debbie left KGMI (I have no idea and WHY would I care)?

Sexual positions (go buy a copy of the Kama Sutra)

Wendy Harris's personal life

John Servais's personal life

Jim Darling's personal life

Pete Kremen's personal life

Tim Paxton's personal life

Lisa McShane's personal life

Topics we DO write about -

Latte Republic regularly posts articles about ethics in government, political behavior of elected and non-elected officials, the open meetings act, campaigns, campaign laws, contemporary events, policy decisions, legislation, finance and, once in awhile, local history.

We also post a variety of public service announcements and notices regarding public hearings, meetings, legislation, traffic disruptions and community education opportunities.

If you're looking for scandalous gossip about someone - head on over to The Bellingham Herald's comment pages!

(You won't find me or my family members posting on the Herald site - we're fed up with the hypocrisy of the Herald's comment policies).

By the way, if anyone finds a posting under my name on any site - please let me know - I no longer post comments on other sites. Too many people have my e-mail address and I feel a cold shiver run down my back when I think about how easy it is to "impersonate" someone else in a public forum.

In some circles - it's called identity theft - but not at the Herald!

And, thanks, Sam, (Sam Taylor - Government Reporter for The Bellingham Herald) for applying the "Golden Rule" to everyone but me!

(For the past few months, Sam has allowed an anonymous commenter(s) to post "creepy romantic poems" and other "creepy statements" about me (one was titled "to my blogger lover" under the guise that this "anonymous person" is my "purported lover." [There are a number of skilled mental health professionals in town - I hope this commenter finds one soon].

I gather, from reading Sam's rules, all anyone has to do to be credible on the Herald site is have a verifiable e-mail address. According to Sam, once the e-mail is verified, commenters can post anything they want about other people - anything at all.

During the last two weeks, Sam has allowed comments to be posted on his site by men who have never met me speculating about my purported romantic crushes, inclinations and feelings. Can anyone pronounce the word, Misogynist?

And, once again, Sam wonders why I won't answer his telephone calls or post comments on his site...

I wonder how Sam Taylor's wife would feel if she had been the target of those creepy, anonymous postings?

Well, so much for Sam Taylor's commitment to the "Golden Rule" he has posted on his site!

(A key element of the golden rule is that a person attempting to live by this rule treats all people, not just members of his or her in-group with consideration -Wikipedia free encyclopedia).

An Essay on the Golden Rule:

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