Thursday, June 26, 2008

Splainin to do -

Aneurin, a blogger in Clark County who hosts a blog named Politics is a Blood Sport, says "Jim Dunn has some splainin to do"

Republican women are beginning to break their silence about the abusive behavior of state representative Jim Dunn (R-17), and being the recipient of death threats from Dunn's supporters.

Far too often, legislative entities have this habit of keeping bad behavior "in house" and never publicly disclosing the actions of their bad actors. For instance, to this day, we don't know the exact remarks that Jim Dunn said that caused his current turmoil. The pattern of abusive behavior that he's displayed over the years should come as no surprise, but the public disclosure of the behavior has always been a well guarded secret known only to political insiders. All this does shed a light on the Republican animus in getting rid of their Jim Dunn problem.

While Dunn has been a convenient punching bag around these parts, it's pretty obvious that even his own party has had enough of his boorish behavior.

It's also somewhat disturbing that Dunn has never faced House censure for his low behavior. Self-policing by legislative bodies is like a border guard in a checkpoint shack, asleep.

Posted by Aneurin at 11:05 AM

Aneurin has raised an interesting point - self policing by legislative bodies does not work.

I regret not taking the case directly to an independent law enforcement agency years ago. Secrecy only encourages the problem to fester and grow.

Here's the Wordpress Post that resulted in the anonymous death threat. (This is the complete post, not an excerpt). The blog had only been online a couple of hours before the threat was sent. The blog was deleted, but the cached page is still visible at the link below.

Representative Jim Dunn, 17th Legislative District, state of Washington, has been embroiled in alleged sex scandals, sexual harassment, cyber- stalking and other anti social behavior that has caused at least one of his former aides to quit her job and has caused other legislative staff untold hours of embarrassment.This Weblog is dedicated to the “bad girls” who have been victimized by Rep. Dunn over the last ten years. After all, it couldn't possibly be Rep. Jim Dunn’s fault, could it?
That's all it takes to generate a death threat when the subject is Rep. Dunn.

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Our Legislators know this happens in Olympia. Ergo, they approve of it. There must be some sick people in office.They are also part of the problem. Maybe Harriet Spanel at her outgoign speech can explain all of this acceptance of Dunn's perverse actions by senior Legislators.Ignorance is no excuse for a self policing Legislature.

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