Friday, June 13, 2008

Kevin Ranker wins Sole Endorsement of the 40th Legislative District Democrats

Thursday June 12th, Democratic Party Nominee for the 40th District Senate, Kevin Ranker, won 74% of popular vote across all three counties ensuring that he gained the endorsement of the 40th LD Democrats. This comes on the heels of out-raising other candidates by nearly 2:1 in May, and receiving key endorsements from the Washington Education Association, Skagit County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt, Anacortes Mayor Dean Maxwell, and others.

“Our campaign put a lot of work into reaching out to 40th LD democrats throughout the region,” said Ranker. “I am very pleased with the outcome… it goes to show that there is no replacement for a hard-working grassroots campaign.”

Kevin Ranker raised $28,167 during the month of May nearly double the amount raised ($14,953) by the second closest during the same period. This brings Ranker’s total campaign contributions to $39,990—and gained him a spot on Chris Mulick’s Tri-City Herald article naming him a fundraising standout for May.

In addition to the success with fundraising and endorsements, Kevin Ranker’s campaign is working hard at the grassroots level throughout the district doorbelling hundreds of homes a week and hosting several events this month in each of the three counties in the district.

Kevin possesses 15 years professional experience in the private and public sectors, developing and advancing legislation, community development strategies, and conservation initiatives. He has directed numerous organizations and has specialized for several years in working to promote healthy, diverse, and strong communities and jobs, while protecting the environment. Kevin was elected to the San Juan County Board of County Commissioners in 2004.

During the past years, Kevin has taken on additional responsibilities that have allowed him to work on issues for the entire region, including Skagit and Whatcom Counties. These commitments have allowed Kevin to represent issues ranging from senior citizen and veteran’s needs, to agricultural preservation to health care, education and the environment. Kevin lives on San Juan Island with his wife and daughter.

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