Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Teachers and Local Leaders Endorse Kevin Ranker for 40th District Senate

Kevin Ranker was officially endorsed this week by the Washington Education Association (WEA), Skagit County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt, Anacortes Mayor Dean Maxwell, Village Books owners Chuck and Dee Robinson and Skagit County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Gail Nicolls.

"We are proud to endorse Kevin Ranker because he understands the importance of strong, effective public schools." Shari Ludden, 1st grade teacher in the Stanwood-Camano School District, WEA Fourth Corner WEA-PAC Management Board Chair. "Kevin knows it is the paramount duty of the state to fully fund basic education, and he understands the complexity of education funding issues. We are confident he will be a champion for our region's students and public schools."

"From protection and growth of jobs and our marine industry to ferries to our quality of life, Kevin understands our local needs," said Anacortes Mayor Dean Maxwell. "He will be a very strong leader for our community in the Washington State Senate."

"Having worked closely with Kevin on numerous issues critical to Skagit County over the past years, I have witnessed his strong leadership and abilities in Olympia first hand. Kevin has a solid understanding of our issues, is a team player and is the best candidate to Champion Skagit County's needs in Olympia," said Skagit County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt.

Additional support came from Skagit County Democratic Party Vice-Chair Gail Nicolls who stated,"Kevin is the strongest candidate with the district-wide support needed to win the November election. His significant experience working with the issues most important to our communities positions him as the clear choice for our Party. I encourage all Democrats to rally behind his campaign."

Chuck and Dee Robinson, Owners of Village Books in Fairhaven stated, "We believe Kevin brings great experience as a San Juan County Council member and from his work with the Washington Coastal Counties Caucus, the Puget Sound Salmon Recovery Council, as Co-chair of the Washington Counties Transportation Committee and as the Vice-chair of the Northwest Regional Council. His record is strong in education, healthcare and, especially in environmental issues and local economic development. We urge you to join us in supporting Kevin Ranker for Senator from the 40th District."

Kevin commented that he "felt honored to be supported by the WEA and so many local leaders and friends."

Kevin Ranker's campaign has proven its strength in all possible facets, raising over $36,000 in contributions, winning the official nomination of the Democratic Party and securing key endorsements from all three counties in the 40th LD and elsewhere including additional support from: Skagit County Commissioner Sharon Dillon, the Washington Conservation Voters (the Anacortes and Whatcom Chapters), Anacortes Port Commissioner Keith Rubin, San Juan County Council Members Gene Knapp and Bob Myer, Whatcom County Council Member Bob Kelly, the San Juan County Democratic Party, San Juan Chamber of Commerce Past President Melonie Walter, Joy Keenan, several members of the Washington State Senate and House and numerous others throughout the district.

Kevin possesses 15 years professional experience in the private and public sectors, developing and advancing legislation, community development strategies, and conservation initiatives. He has directed numerous organizations and has specialized for several years in working to promote healthy, diverse, and strong communities and jobs, while protecting the environment.

Kevin was elected to the San Juan County Board of County Commissioners in 2004. During the past years, Kevin has taken on additional responsibilities that have allowed him to work on issues for the entire region, including Skagit and Whatcom Counties.

These commitments have allowed Kevin to represent issues ranging from senior citizen needs, to agricultural preservation to health care, education and the environment in Olympia for several years. Kevin lives on San Juan Island with his wife and daughter

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