Friday, June 27, 2008

Republican House Leader/Speaker of the House demonstrated Leadership in Dunn Scandal

It's no secret that I'm fed up with Rep. Jim Dunn's past behavior towards me and other legislative staff.

And, yes, I'm still upset that former House Leadership allowed Rep. Dunn to abuse me and chase me away from a job that I loved.

Nevertheless, writers shouldn't be biased - and that statement also applies to bloggers. (Even upset blogger's who just received a death threat).

I would like to thank State Representative Richard Debolt (Republican House Leader) for immediately calling for Rep. Dunn's resignation, after Dunn made an inappropriate comment to a Legislative staff member at a dinner in the Tri-Cities.

In a November 5, 2007 letter, Debolt informed Dunn that he had asked the Speaker of the House to remove him from his position as the ranking member of the Housing Committee, and all standing, select and statutory committees.

State Representative Frank Chopp (Speaker of the House) agreed and Rep. Dunn was stripped of his committees.

Both party leaders (Speaker Chopp and House Republican Leader DeBolt) demonstrated their commitment to protecting legislative employees from inappropriate comments and behavior.

Once again, thank you, gentlemen - for supporting and standing by your staff.

David Postman at the Seattle Times covered House Republican Leader Debolt and Speaker Chopp's response to Rep. Dunn's behavior in the Tri-Cities last November


Let me assure you that many of us down here in Clark County want to see that reprobate Jim Dunn gone at least as badly as you do, and are doing everything we can to make that happen.My support is behind a fine young Republican down here named Joseph James, and I think he has what it takes to eliminate Dunn in the Primary.Great blog...

I hope you keep it up!
Chief Wahoo

Elisabeth said: Thank you for your support and encouragement - and I'm pleased to hear that the GOP has a promising candidate this year. I wish him much success.

Please know that I truly enjoyed working with the residents of the 17th Legislative District while I was in Olympia!

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