Sunday, June 22, 2008

Initiative 985 Update

Last Thursday, Tim Eyman's group, Voters Want More Choices turned in 226,613 voter signatures to the Secretary of State's Office for Initiative 985. The minimum number of valid signatures required is 224,880.

Voters Want More Choices will be gathering an additional 50,000 signatures over the next 16 days to ensure that the initiative has enough signatures to qualify to be placed on the November ballot.

Here's the group's summary of the ballot measure:

"Here's a quick summary of this year's initiative: I-985 implements the State Auditor's recommendations to reform the Department of Transportation and reduce traffic congestion by using existing public resources more effectively. It opens carpool lanes to everyone during non-peak hours, requires local governments to synchronize traffic lights on heavily-traveled arterials and streets, and increases roadside assistance funding to clear out accidents faster with the implementation overseen by the State Auditor. These policies are funded by taxes and charges we already pay: 15% of vehicle sales taxes, revenue from fines generated from red light traffic cameras, and a percentage that previously went to art on transportation-related public works projects. Finally, I-985 doesn't impose tolls, but it institutes critical taxpayer protections if tolls are created and levied."

Additional information can be found at the Voters Want More Choices website.

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