Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update on BIAW Change PAC Scandal

"After experiencing the viciousness of the attacks designed to silence BIAW, we felt compelled to do everything we could to give a voice to small businesses. Clearly Gregoire supporters are willing to do anything and everything to re-elect her, including stripping BIAW of its First Amendment Rights and abusing the court system to carry out a political smear campaign, so BIAW came to the conclusion we must do everything we can to support Rossi on behalf of small businesses." (Erin Shannon - BIAW)

Click here to see a statement that the BIAW issued jointly with other Rossi supporters, the National Federation of Independent Business and the Washington State Farm Bureau about the decision to spend $4 million in the last weeks of the campaign.

Rossi supporters were quick to condemn allegations made by Fuse, Click here to see Fuse’s statement. Fuse also is connected to two former Supreme Court justices who have sued BIAW and intend to sue Rossi over allegations he courted builder financing prior to becoming a candidate in 2007.

Click here for the entire story: Brad Shannon's "The Politics Blog" at "The Olympian."

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