Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sour Grapes on NW citizen

If you haven't already - check out the articles and comments posted by Greg Kirsch, Tip Johnson and Tom Pratum over at NW Citizen regarding Whatcom County's recent decision to transfer DNR lands to Whatcom County.

Here's the link to NW Citizen's site:

Whatcom County Parks site:

Rand Jack's opinion piece at the Herald:

Conservation NW site:

Reader comments:

I have to admire the tenacity of Greg and Tom. I am sure they are disappointed. Tip's comments were simply wrong, but likely based on misinformation he was told.

The County's position is to keep the landscape plan in place and they have been very clear about that. I do agree with Tom and Greg that there will be financial impacts. I also agree there is an impact to the logging industry.

Neither the financial or logging industry impact is so large as to not move forward with this forest reserve. Otherwise, I found many of their other arguments had very little merit or were wildly conspiratory.The saddest part for me is that both Greg and Tom have been very destructive with personal attacks against a number of lake advocates and flat out vicious towards the County Executive.

Their aggressive attacks on the credibility and motives of those that have advocated for the proposed plan have had a lot of collateral damage. Sadly, a significant amount of the damage has been done to themselves. These are smart people, but I have to ask, If you were in a position of power in County government,Would you trust them?

Elisabeth said: no, I would not trust them.

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