Friday, October 31, 2008

Executive State Office Candidates

Link to WA State Voter's Pamphlet Data - individual candidate websites are listed in right hand column.

Governor (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Christine Gregoire (Prefers Democratic Party)
Dino Rossi (Prefers G.O.P. Party)

Lt. Governor (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Brad Owen (Prefers Democratic Party)
Marcia McCraw (Prefers Republican Party)

Secretary of State (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Sam Reed (Prefers Republican Party)
Jason Osgood(Prefers Democratic Party)

State Treasurer (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Allan Martin(Prefers Republican Party)
Jim McIntire(Prefers Democratic Party)

State Auditor (View all)(Partisan office, 4-year term)

Brian Sonntag(Prefers Democratic Party)
J. Richard (Dick) McEntee(Prefers Republican Party)

Attorney General (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Rob McKenna(Prefers Republican Party)
John Ladenburg(Prefers Democratic Party)

Commissioner of Public Lands (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Doug Sutherland (Prefers Republican Party)
Peter J. Goldmark(Prefers Democratic Party)

Superintendent of Public Instruction (View all) (Nonpartisan office, 4-year term)

Teresa (Terry) Bergeson
Randy Dorn

Insurance Commissioner (View all) (Partisan office, 4-year term)

Mike Kreidler(Prefers Democratic Party)
John R. Adams(Prefers Republican Party)

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