Monday, October 6, 2008

THE CREDIT CRISIS: How we got here

The credit crunch hitting financial markets and institutions didn't begin overnight.

Bloomberg News presents a package of definitive stories, beginning in May 2007, on the unfolding crisis as subprime mortgages infected the world's banking system.

This morning, Latte Republic is posting links to articles and interactive websites that clearly describe what's happening in the financial markets across the world. No holds barred.

These are scary financial times and I hope that the information posted below assists readers in their efforts to understand the events that are taking place globally and here at home.

LIVE NOW: Congressional Hearing on Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy: The link for the hearing at the top of the page in the middle column. There is a red video camera with Live now -- and the title, Cong. Hearing on Lehman Bankruptcy
CEO Richard Fuld Testifies

Tonight, there is a CNBC special feature called, "Wall Street Crisis, Is you money Safe"? It begins at 7 pm et. For more information, please see:

For additional updates, check out Mortgage News Daily:

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