Monday, October 27, 2008

Jury finds U.S. Senator Ted Stevens Guilty of seven corruption charges - Stevens says he will not resign

A defiant Senator Ted Stevens (R) Alaska, told reporters that he will remain in office, despite being found guilty of seven (7) corruption charges.

Stevens faces up to five years in prision for each corruption count, although no one expects that he will actually spend that much time in prision.

There are no rules prohibiting a convicted felon from serving in the U.S. Senate -

Stevens was quoted as saying "I'm not stepping down and I'm going to win this election."

The AP tells readers, "Stevens' conviction is the highlight of a lengthy FBI investigation into Alaska corruption, but prosecutors noted that it is not the end. Stevens' longtime Republican colleague, Rep. Don Young, remains under investigation for his ties to VECO. Stevens' son, Ben, a former Alaska lawmaker, is also under investigation."

What a sad commentary on politics in this nation - regardless of party affiliation.

Mayor Kilpatrick of Detroit was recently removed from office by the Governor of Michigan for purjury, obstruction of justice and assault against a peace officer.

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