Monday, October 6, 2008

Another Lawsuit is filed against BIAW to stop support for Rossi

Olympia: "Two former Supreme Court justices who filed complaints earlier in the year against the Building Industry Association of Washington, (in cooperation with A-1 Builders and ReSources of Bellingham), have filed a suit in King County Superior Court that also accuses Republican candidate Dino Rossi of coordinating illegally with BIAW to raise funds for independent expenditures that now are helping Rossi." The entire post can be read here:

The law firm of Smith and Lowney posted the following on their website: "The PDC’s previous investigation had no information about the BIAW’s political committee. The PDC never specifically asked Dino Rossi about his 2007 fundraising or support for other’s fundraising."

"When the PDC interview of him came close, Dino Rossi suggested that he only had conversation about support for his candidacy when people urged him to run, and he claimed that mostly that happened beginning in September 2007. [EX K]. His testimony to the PDC threw the investigation off this track but is inconsistent with the facts."

The entire Olympian post can be read here on Brad Shannon's political blogs:

Smith and Lowney, attorneys for the petitioners, have posted informtation about the suit on their site.

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