Saturday, December 20, 2008

We've made some changes at Latte Republic

Latte Republic is committed to helping students gain work experience. If you know a student who would like to intern, please have them contact the administrator in the "about me" section.

I've recruited a young woman who is majoring in Communications to be Latte Republic's administrator and senior editor. (She has chosen to remain anonymous for the time being).

I'm also very interested in talking with college students or community members who would like to write human interest articles about individuals who are homeless, struggling to find work, finish school or secure affordable medical or dental care.

Other potential public policy or human rights topics:

Neighborhood issues
Local city updates
Workplace violence
Retirement issues - including portable retirement accounts
Disability issues
Senior issues
Human Rights issues
Social Security
Economic Recovery
Smart Growth Management
Water Resources, drinking water, watershed management and conservation issues.
Brownfield redevelopment including research and clean up of contaminated sites
The role of Employee Unions in the United States
Long Term Health Care
Tips to survive a recession/deflationary economic period
Universal medical insurance coverage for Americans
Transparent and open government
Ethics in Government
Campaign Violations
Jobs for displaced homemakers and the unemployed
Partisan politics
Local or state history
Or? (Please feel free to recommend additional topics)

Again, if you or someone you know is interested in writing stories about politics, public policy issues or third places, please contact the administrator at the e-mail tab posted in the about me section.

Latte Republic is committed to protecting the names of authors and their sources. We will not reveal names or addresses of participants or writers, unless we have written permission to do so. Or, it's OK to remain anonymous!


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