Monday, December 22, 2008

Severe Weather Updates

Commuting to work and traveling is dangerous after the weekend's snowstorm.

If possible, try to take the bus or carpool to work with neighbors or co-workers. You can attempt to walk if you don't have bus service. But I can verify that the sidewalks themselves are difficult to navigate in many parts of town because the snow plows are throwing snow on top of them from road clearing.

This link is to the City of Bellingham Severe Weather Page. It proves info on a number of topics in regards to being prepared and even the sanding routes within Bellingham.

Also, warming will make icicles unstable. Every year, dozens of men, women and children are injured or killed by falling icicles around doors and under the eves of houses. Take a few moments to talk to your children about the danger of icicles.

Here is the link to the Washington State Department of Transportation or DOT web page. It will provide you with a number of links of info on road condition, including cameras located throughout Washington State.

Check, for more detail about statewide highway incidents and closures.

Whatcom County does not have any notifications up regarding road conditions or hazards.

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