Thursday, December 18, 2008

PDC Violations and Fines

Governor Christine Gregoire:

The Public Disclosure Commission determined that Governor Christine Gregoire accepted campaign contributions from five out-of-state political action committees that were not eligible to donate because they had not secured sufficient donations from at least 10 residents within the required time period.

The Complaint was filed by the state Republican Party in October and Gregoire's campaign returned the $12,000 in question right away. The Governor was fined $500.00 with $250.00 suspended.

The Commission imposed a fine of $100 for each of the five PACS that had contributed illegally and then cut the fine in half, as long as the Governor does not have another campaign violation during the next four years.

I can not find a report of Investigation at the PDC site for this case.

Senator Karen Fraser:

Was fined $100.00 for not filing a PDC report on October 28, 2008. It was the Senator's first violation since she began filing reports in 1974. Her Treasurer was on vacation and the report did not get filed.

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