Friday, December 19, 2008

Unsung Hero is ignored and ridiculed

Why do Americans continue to shun, ridicule and belittle Whistle blowers?

Harry Markopolos spent nine years attempting to alert regulators about Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. Diligence and a strong moral sense gave him the strength to persevere.

"He followed through on everything he ever did. He never let up," said his mother, Georgia Markopolos. "Some kids just let it go if it's too hard, but he wouldn't do that."

"He feels very sorry for these people that got taken," she added. "It wouldn't have happened if they would have listened to him long ago."

The AP reported that Markopolos waged a remarkable battle to uncover fraud at Madoff's operation, sounding the alarm back in 1999 and continuing with his warnings all through this decade.

The government never acted, Madoff continued his ways, and people lost billions.

Markopolo's mother told interviewers that Harry was a little nerdy as a child, somewhat mischevious, and unfailingly honest.

Harry Markopolos, 52, has declined all offers to be interviewed. (Who can blame him)?

The entire story can be read here:

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