Friday, December 12, 2008

Illinois Attorney General asks state Supreme Court to remove Blagojevich from Office

For the first time in Illinois state history, a motion has been filed to remove an elected official from office on the grounds that he is incapacitated for health reasons.

Lisa Madigan, Attorney General of Illinois, filed a motion with the Illinois State Supreme Court asking the court to strip Gov. Rod Blagojevich of his powers. "The pervasive nature and severity of these pending charges disable Mr. Blagojevich from making effective decisions on critical, time-sensitive issues," the filing said.

The filing asks that the lieutenant governor assume Blagojevich's powers.

The motion highlights the need for state's to draft legislation to remove corrupt elected officials from office.

MSNBC reports, "Illinois’ official slogan is the “Land of Lincoln,” but an equally apt descriptor would be the “Land of Greased Palms.”

The state, Cook County and its governmental seat, Chicago, have a long history of corruption by elected and appointed officials. 79 elected officials have been convicted of wrong doing since 1972. Click here for the : State's sorry history of public corruption

Once again, this case highlights the importance of ethics and strong personal values for elected officials. It also highlights the importance of citizen complaints. Complaints filed by citizen watch dogs (individuals who are involved in the political process) provide a ray of sunlight that exposes bad political behavior, before it becomes out of hand.

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