Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toxic Contamination --- A Ticking Time Bomb across this Nation

March 3, 2008: The Washington Post printed an article by Governor Christine Gregoire and Senator Maria Cantwell.

Apparently, some elected officials are conscientious enough to read toxicity reports and grasp the concept that toxic waste is a serious public health hazard.

Here's a link to the article.

A Toxic Time Bomb in the Northwest Buried in President Bush's proposed budget for next year is a story of broken promises. It's a story that puts our nation's honor -- and our environment, economy and families -- on the line.


If the City and Port partnership need money for the waterfront - clean it up.

Federal and state economic stimulus dollars will not be spent to develop paved over toxic waste dumps.

A broken thermometer on the floor of a classroom requires a Haz Mat Team to clean it up -- and the Port and City want to put hundreds of people on a property that has a minimum of 12 tons of mercury buried on it?

Across this nation, from New Jersey to the state of Washington, local governments and emergency response personnel are discovering that neglected toxic waste is a public health hazard.

Elizabeth New Jersey's story:,9171,948856,00.html

The residents of this city should demand that the City and Port set up a trust fund to pay for future clean up projects.

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