Monday, April 20, 2009

House keeping questions

An anonymous visitor asked me if I have the ability to track commenter's postings and visits.

Yes, I recently subscribed to a service that keeps track of the IP numbers, etc. of all of the visitors and commenter's on Latte Republic.

Like the Bellingham Herald, I believe it is important to protect the identity of my visitors and commenter's. But it would be wrong to say that I do not have the ability to identify them.

Not everyone is capable of separating themselves personally from issues, as was demonstrated on Saturday when a man attempted to forcibly prevent my son from leaving our house to go to work.

If you disagree with me and want to say so personally - I suggest you communicate your concerns to me, via e-mail, not through my children.

I'm not that hard to get a hold of. Just post a comment in the comment section.

And, who ever it was who tried to stop my son - he now has a cell phone with a camera and he will take your picture and call the Bellingham Police if you attempt to assault him again

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