Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Timing of Hatch Act Violation

One last post on the Hatch Act Violation.

Mr. Paxton filed his Hatch Act Complaint against Mayor Pike early last spring. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel conducted an 8 month investigation of the allegations and released their findings last week.

There are rumors circulating that Mr. Paxton has filed several complaints, as if pursuing campaign complaints against Mayor Pike has become an obsession of sorts.

Interesting rumor, but Mr. Paxton has only filed two campaign-related ethics complaints during the last year. One with the state Public Disclosure Commission alleging inappropriate use of public facilities and another with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel alleging multiple violations of the Hatch Act. (I doubt he spent more than four hours drafting either of the complaints).

Mayor Pike told Sam Taylor that he believes the complaints are related to a plan to undermine his reputation and hurt his chances for re-election.

Frankly, I've never met a politician who is as obsessed with his re-election as Mayor Pike. He's been discussing his re-election in the media since the first day he took office. (And, I've worked for four state legislators)!

For the record. I have excellent opposition research skills. If I truly wanted to "go after" Mayor Pike, I would be pouring over local legislation, city lawsuits and spending with a magnifying glass.

Opposition research is "issue oriented" not "campaign violation oriented."

I study campaign behavior because I believe it is a good indicator of a candidate's moral and ethical character.

Of course, I still have two whole years before I would have to get started with the opposition research...


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