Saturday, November 1, 2008

Realtors are in trouble -- again

In what appears to be an on-going litany of 2008 PAC campaign violations, the Realtors have managed to get into a second furball (dog fight) with the PDC over campaign mailers. (The Realtors recently paid $130,000 fine for 2007 reporting violations).

John Frush, an attorney, reported the alleged violation(s).

Gene Johnson, AP news reporter, tells readers, "The Realtors recently mailed out mailers asking recipients to call the governor to tell her that they don't want tax increases. State law allows PACs to mail out advocacy pieces, as long as they do not reference a candidate by name or office. The Realtors allegedly violated the law by asking citizens to call the governor to voice their opposition to increased taxes."

In response to the allegations, the "Public Disclosure Commission's compliance director, Phil Stutzman ordered the Realtors this week to file certain reports detailing spending on political mailers. The association did so "under protest," arguing that the spending did not need to be reported."

It's not clear if Mr. Frush called in the complaint or filed an official complaint by mail. (The complaint is NOT listed on the PDC website).

The entire AP article can be read here:

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