Saturday, August 16, 2008

Kiss your Constitutional Rights Goodbye

MSNBC: U.S. may ease police spy rules
More federal intelligence changes planned

by Spencer S. Hsu and Carrie Johnson
August 15, 2008 - The Washington Post

"Under the Justice Department proposal for state and local police, published for public comment July 31, law enforcement agencies would be allowed to target groups as well as individuals, and to launch a criminal intelligence investigation based on the suspicion that a target is engaged in terrorism or providing material support to terrorists. They also could share results with a constellation of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and others in many cases.

Criminal intelligence data starts with sources as basic as public records and the Internet, but also includes law enforcement databases, confidential and undercover sources, and active surveillance."

"Michael German, policy counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union, said the proposed rule may be misunderstood as permitting police to collect intelligence even when no underlying crime is suspected, such as when a person gives money to a charity that independently gives money to a group later designated a terrorist organization."

*Excerpt from article by Spencer S. Hsu and Carrie Johnson of the Washington Post
Aug. 15, 2008

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