Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ethics Complaints Against Hillary Clinton

Ethics Complaints and Investigations – Senator Hillary Clinton

“Thanks in no small part to Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton may be the most thoroughly…investigated person in the history of the Republic.” -- Margaret Carlson, Time Magazine, CNN’s Capital Gang.

According to the evidence compiled by Judicial Watch in the last ten years, Hillary Clinton is among the most corrupt politicians in our nation’s history. She devised a scheme to sell taxpayer financed trade missions to Communist China in exchange for campaign contributions. She presided over the theft of the private FBI files of former Reagan and Bush staffers. She led the campaign to slander the women sexually and otherwise abused by President Clinton, and has lied time and time again to investigators, to her colleagues, to the press and to the American people.

Most recently, according to a Judicial Watch’s Senate Ethics complaint filed on May 6, 2005, Senator Clinton and her campaign team conspired to defraud the U.S. Senate and the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by failing to report the true cost of a $2 million Hollywood campaign fundraising event in August 2000. David Rosen, Hillary Clinton’s National Finance Director, recently stood trial for his role in the campaign finance scheme, facing charges he caused false campaign finance reports to be filed with the Federal Election Commission. Federal prosecutors, in an effort to keep Hillary and Bill Clinton out of the trial, presented a watered down case and Rosen was eventually acquitted. Still, there is a mountain of evidence implicating Rosen and both Clintons, and this evidence can be found in the following complaint filed by Judicial Watch with the U.S. Senate’s Select Committee on Ethics.

May 26, 2006 Senate Ethics Committee Letter
2006 Petition to Senate Select Committee on Ethics
2006 Petition to FEC
2005 Ethics Complaint Against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton – Complaint filed with the Senate Select Committee on Ethics
2001 Ethics Complaint Against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
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