Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tim Eyman Meets the Pieman

FUSE has created a "Tim Eyman meets the Pieman game."

If you want to toss a couple of pies at Eyman, Click the link below.

Heads Up! Tim's pretty quick on his feet!

Who is Fuse?
"Fuse is a state-based online advocacy group working to provide a cutting edge online organizing and communications hub for Washington State. Fuse is focused primarily on securing major advances in progressive public policy for Washington State."

For Eyman fans, Tim recently posted the following regarding I-985.:

Dear Fellow Taxpayer:
Thanks to your months of hard work, persistence, and consistent financial support, on July 3, the Initiative 985 campaign submitted nearly 290,000 voter signatures to the Secretary of State’s office in Olympia – we needed 224,880. There’s no doubt that this guarantees I-985 will be on the November ballot. We couldn’t be happier. We really appreciate everyone’s extraordinary effort. We look forward to advocating for its approval by voters this fall.

Additional information about Initiative 985 can be found:

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