Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Campaign Vandalism

39th District State Senator Val Stevens (R-Arlington), called the burning of her campaign signs “senseless vandalism which has no place in the political process.” Stevens, who is running for her fourth term in the State Senate, lives in Arlington with her husband, Keith.

Senator Stevens said, “Sometimes kids will knock over campaign signs especially as it gets closer to Halloween. But in this case, my signs have been deliberately set on fire.” She added, “This appears to be specifically directed at me because signs of other candidates in the same vicinity are being left alone.
She released photos of several of her signs which have been burned. They can be viewed by clicking the title of this post.

Senator Stevens campaign website is:
For those who don't keep up with regional news, Steven Darby McDonald was sentenced to life without parole in the 1990's for burning a door mat at a motel in Mount Vernon:
The Washington Supreme Court said: "The State charged McDonald with first and second degree arson. The first degree arson charge was based upon the defendant setting fire to the welcome mat outside a motel room, which destroyed the mat and discolored the door before being extinguished."

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