Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Point Roberts History

If you are doing research on Point Roberts, and you want additional information about the original Icelandic settlers, please send me an e-mail. (You can e-mail me at the link under the "About me" link at the bottom of the right hand column of this page).

I have a number of documents that I'm willing to share with researchers, including a copy of the Department of Interior - 1904 United States Land Office Investigation and Survey of the Military Reservation, (the Ellet Report) which is a survey of all of the original settlers and their homesteads.

The document is 13 pages long and includes a map of the claims with the original settler's names.

I have a number of biographies and other historical documents from my mother's collection. She was a historian by choice (she attended Stanford University) and enjoyed writing about Blaine and Point Roberts.She also wrote the introduction for a book on America's Bicentennial.

She worked with Dr. Richard Clark of Western Washington State College back in the early 1980's compiling information about the Point and it's unique history. They filmed a television documentary on Point Roberts on Delta 10 (Canada) in 1980. The series was titled, "Where Salish Coast Indians Once Lived." It may or may not have become a television course for college credit in British Columbia.

Some of the documents are very old, and I'm doing my best to scan them so they can be shared with others. I also have tapes of my great grandfather describing the early history of the Point and Cannery's that I need to have preserved.

For local researchers: Recollections (Bound Edition) is at WWU Library in Collections Box 5.

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