Monday, September 8, 2008

Flanders Campaign develops unique medium for it's message

In political print media there are not many things new under the sun, but the Mark Flanders Campaign has made a surprising splash with it’s use of the Valpak coupons as a medium for it’s message.

Valpak distributes envelopes stuffed with coupons to 70,000 homes in Whatcom county. The locally owned franchise had not had a candidate use their media for political advertising before.

The design, which announces that “It only cost us 3 cents to put this piece of paper in your hand.”, highlights the affordability of coupon itself, and has generated some good exposure for Mr. Flanders, the Democratic challenger for the Washington State House Seat in the 42nd District, Position 1.

“This flyer didn't just go to people on a political mailing list, it went out to average families all over Whatcom county." Flanders said. “We saw a way to do more with less, which is what we all need to do these days. Prices are climbing but wages aren't, and good jobs are harder to find. I put our flyer in with the coupons because I want my message to go the people who are feeling the pinch.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive, “We have a great website,, with good ways to engage citizens, but there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned printed piece.” Flanders said. “We need to be prioritize and tighten our belts in Olympia, and our campaign has shown that we can do more with less."

"My opponent is a Goliath, with huge signs, and we’re David, with our little flyer." he said, smiling, "We’re hoping for a similar result.”

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