Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Western at the Waterfront -

Land locked Western Washington University (WWU) is seeking a future presence on Bellingham's Waterfront. As with most projects, funding is the key to success.

Background Information:

The 2007-09 state operating budget includes a number of notable Western funding requests, including $1 million to facilitate Western’s continuing waterfront planning and development efforts with the City of Bellingham and the Port of Bellingham.

Western's projected 10 year Capital Plan:

Western Washington University Proposed 2009-19 Ten-Year Capital Plan

The University has prepared a Slide presentation of Western's proposed development on Bellingham Waterfront: http://www.wwu.edu/president/waterfront/documents/CampusForum3-11-08.pdf

Additional Background information:

Western Washington University Budget(s)

WWU 2007-2009 State Op Plan FY


DECISION PACKAGES 2006 (SupplemBudget)

Waterfront --

Border Policy Institute

Planng & Emerg Mgment Track

*2007-09 Operating Budget
Western has been allocated $148.5 million in state operating funds overall for the 2007-09 biennium, which is a nearly 20 percent increase over the current biennium.

*2009 - 2011 Operating Budget:

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