Friday, May 22, 2009

Comments welcome until May 28th to improve Government Transparency and participation


Yesterday was the biggest day for Government Transparency since Mike Klein and I started the Sunlight Foundation in 2006.

The new administration did two unprecedented things: 1. Launched - the first-ever catalog of federal data being made freely (and easily) available to citizens 2. Launched the Open Government Initiative and asked us for our best ideas in creating a more transparent, participatory government

One of President Obama's first acts when he took office was to commit his administration to the guiding principles of transparency, participation, and collaboration, and now they are calling on all of us to help shape that commitment - starting immediately.

The bad news is that our time frame is short - we only have till next Thursday, May 28, to submit our ideas for this first "brainstorming" phase of the initiative.

The good news: Sunlight has a great headstart. Months ago, we launched Our Open Government List (OOGL) and you responded in force with your ideas. So we got a little innovative. I've asked the folks in Sunlight Labs come up with a quick way to see your ideas from OOGL right next to the submission form on the page for the Open Government dialogue. Add your ideas and vote the best ones up or down on the Open Government

Dialogue form.

Now's our chance to get our ideas directly to people who can implement them. Let's not miss this.We'll continue to keep you up to date over the next few weeks as this exciting three step process unfolds. Thank you all for your invaluable contribution to this movement and for ensuring our government serves us the way that was always intended.


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