Monday, February 9, 2009

What are the Qualities of a successful Elected Official?

Jeffuppy at Washblog writes, "based on twenty years of involvement in political campaigns and many more years closely observing legislative bodies at work, I would suggest the following list of what makes for successful performance in elected office and what are, therefore, the most important “qualifications” of office seekers:

1. Humility. Candidates who know and understand their own weaknesses, rather than candidates with large egos, are the most qualified. The most qualified candidates do not crave the spotlight nor do they hold inflated opinions of themselves, either personally or politically.

2. Critical thinking skills. Candidates who possess the practiced ability to critically examine everything they are told. The most qualified candidates are those who will never take at face value any information provided by “experts,” more “qualified” politicians, or the media.

3. Empathy. Candidates who have a genuine compassion for their fellow human beings are the most qualified for public office. Candidates who can relate to the suffering of others and place such concerns above their own ambition are generally the most effective.

4. An ability to learn and an interest in learning. Curious and engaged candidates are the most qualified. At almost all levels of government, staff and outside experts do the heavy policy lifting. The job of the politician is to absorb information and apply their own values and their constituents values to the decision making process. Those most interested in learning will perform the best.

5. The ability to work well with others. Candidates who make friends easily and naturally practice conflict-free relationships are the most qualified. This is one of the hallmarks of actual leadership.

6. Integrity. Candidates who take seriously their commitments to others, and practice honesty, generosity, loyalty and devotion to a set of core beliefs are the most qualified for public office. Of course the above list is not all-inclusive. But any potential candidate for public office who fits most of the above definitions should have no qualms whatsoever about their “qualifications.” Nor should anyone else.

On the other hand: (click link below for the rest of the article). Latte Republic would like to thank jeffuppy for a thoughtful post.

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