Friday, February 6, 2009

A New Trend? Elected officials, cities and states Opting Out from obeying federal and state laws?

On Sam Taylor's Political Blog:

"AWOL Army soldier, Cliff Cornell, deported from Canada, booked into Whatcom County jail and awaiting release."

Cliff Cornell fled the U.S. Army four years ago for British Columbia, Canada when his artillery unit was ordered to serve in the Iraq war.

On Wednesday, Cornell was deported from Canada, arrested in the United States and booked into the Whatcom County jail.

Locals are holding vigil outside of the jail right now until 1 p.m."

Some city residents are calling to have Bellingham designated a "Sanctuary City" where law enforcement officers will be discouraged from picking up AWOL soldiers.

Which raises an interesting question: can cities, counties or states "opt out" from cooperating with state or federal arrest warrants, or other state or federal laws?

If so, does that mean that individual citizens or states can hypothetically "opt out' of obeying laws that they find inconvenient or morally repulsive? For example, that ugly speeding ticket you got last year? Or, that huge IRS bill that's due on April 15th? Is this a legitimate or legal form of political protest?

Granted, Governor Gary Locke and the Washington State Legislature ignored a ballot Initiative that re-structured education spending to create smaller classes, so I guess the unthinkable does happen!

And, a number of cities across the nation have created "Sanctuary cities" to protect illegal immigrants and AWOL soldiers.

In fact, A blog called based in Colorado proposed to run a ballot initiative to declare the state of Colorado a "Sanctuary state" from federal taxes. Here's the excerpt -

"Colorado, like many states, has a referendum process for creating laws that the people want even when our "representative" government doesn't. On this, the 92nd anniversary of National Democrat Day, I'm officially announcing my plan for the establishment of Colorado as a "Sanctuary State."

A ballot initiative will be drafted, with all the legal provisions and protections that can possibly be envisioned to protect the measure from court challenge, resolving that "Until the United States government reforms the income tax system to a flat rate consumption tax and ceases redistribution of individual wealth through its myriad agencies and department, any and all residents of the great state of Colorado shall be exempt from compliance with any and all federal income, medical, retirement or other such taxes are are now or may be levied in the future."

OK, so it needs a little work, but you get the idea. This is the seed. If Austin and Los Angeles and cities like them can be sanctuaries for 20 million illegal immigrants, Colorado can be a sanctuary for 5.5 million people to own their own property without threat of appropriation. If the cowards in San Francisco can officially disobey a non-existent federal law, we can show them how to disobey laws already on the books.

Tax revolt? You bet. Let's get something done. NED knows if we leave it up to "representative" government the only interests that will be represented are, the government's."

Apparently, the practice of anarchy is cool...

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