Friday, March 6, 2009

Is My Bank Safe?

With recent bank failures, like Washington Mutual and Horizon, many consumers are seeking advice about how to evaluate the strength of their financial institution.

CNBC has a crated a slideshow on the world's safest banks:
Slideshow: The World's Safest Banks

Bankrate provides ratings information for businesses and consumers to use as one factor in connection with banking decisions. Please note that Bankrate's rating information should not be exclusively relied on in making banking decisions. If you have questions about your lending institution, please contact the bank for additional information.

To access Bankrate, please click on the title of this article. The link will take you directly to Bankrate's website.

Consumers can also pull up a bank's FDIC call report. The FDIC keeps these quarterly financial reports on every U.S. financial institution. For a guide on how to read them, check out "How To Tell If Your Small Bank Is In Trouble."

Again, if you are worried that your bank might be struggling,don't panic. Talk at length with a trusted financial advisor and think about diversifying your risk by making additional deposits in other banks.

Seattle Times article on Washington Mutual by Drew DeSilver:

Seattle Times article on Horizon Bank by Drew DeSilver:

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