Thursday, April 10, 2008

City's response to Public Disclosure Requests regarding SEPA DNS 2008-00002

I keep asking for clarification - and the city continues to treat me like another dumb housewife. Here's the latest regarding my public disclosure requests for documentation regarding delegation of Official SEPA Authority regarding SEPA DNS 2008-00002,

April 12, 2008

Mr. Tim Stewart
City of Bellingham
Planning and Development Director
210 Lottie
Bellingham, WA 98225

Dear Mr. Stewart:

"Mr. Steve Sundin is identified as the staff member that completed and signed the SEPA checklist (2008-00002) for this proposal. Did you appoint Mr. Sundin to sign any subsequent SEPA action for this proposal, including a review and recommendation for the SEPA determination, the Determination of Non-Significance, any transmittals of the checklist on behalf of the City to any other agency or party of record?

If you did not appoint Mr. Sundin for any of these actions, did he act on his own without your authorization as the SEPA Responsible Official?

Mr. Stewart, who is the properly authorized SEPA Responsible Official that signed DNS 2008-00002?

Please provide documentation for that staff person to be specifically authorized to perform that task in accordance with and fulfillment of the Bellingham Municipal Code.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful consideration of my request.


Elisabeth Britt

cc: Attorney General’s Office

Here's the City's most recent response to my public disclosure requests regarding SEPA DNS 2008-00002 for the proposed Essential Public Facilities Land Use Amendments that are scheduled to be adopted on April 14th. (The Planning and Community Development Responses are in bold italics).

The responsive records for your two public disclosure requests dated 4/4/2008 and 4/5/2008 are available as pdf files and are attached. Let me know If you would prefer hard copies and the cost for that is 15 cents per page, per side.
Request from April 4th, 2008

1. Please provide me with the name of the City employee who signed the
SEPA Environmental Checklist.
The Environmental Checklist: (See attached file: SEPA CKLST FOR CAO

2. I am requesting copies of any correspondence, including memos or
e-mail, from Tim Stewart delegating responsibility to other planning
department employees in regard to SEPA DNS 2008-00002 from January 2008,
through April 5, 2008.
No records were located that are responsive to this request.

3. I am requesting a copy of a complete list of agencies and interested
parties that were sent copies of the original SEPA DNS 2008-00002 and
the re-issued SEPA DNS 2008-00002.

The mailing list provided is the only responsive document in Planning
and is for the re-issued DNS for SEP2008-00002: (See attached file:
SEP2008-00002Mailing List.pdf)

Request from April 5th, 2008
Bellingham Municipal Code 16.20.050 designates the Planning Director as
the City's SEPA Responsible Official. Please provide documentation of any
written delegation of the SEPA Responsible Official responsibilities to
another City staff person during your tenure as the Planning Director. A
roster of the SEPA decisions made per your delegation of Responsible
Official role is also requested. Absent any documentation delegating the
Responsible Official role or absent a roster of SEPA decisions made by
the delegated Responsible Official, please provide written confirmation that
you have not delegated the Responsible Official responsibilities to another
person during your tenure.
Planning has already provided you all existing documentation for the
above request. The responsive record to your restated request is the
delegation of authority issued December 17, 2007.

If you missed out on the first series, scroll down until you reach the article entitled, just another dumb housewife. It was posted on April 5th.

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