Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lake Whatcom Treatment Center

In regards to recent questions about my sources of information regarding my story about the extension of water service to the Lake Whatcom Treatment Center – please see below.

How long does a Conservation Easement Last?

“A Conservation Easement lasts in perpetuity. Title to the land may change, but the easement remains.” Whatcom Land Trust Web Site under Frequently asked Questions:

“An easement is a voluntary agreement between a property owner and a land trust in which the land owner donates to the land trust specific property rights in exchange for the land trust’s promise to protect the conservation values of the property forever. The land owner retains ownership of the land with the ability to sell it or pass it on to heirs, and may receive an income tax benefit from the easement donation.”

“Each easement is unique to the site and the owner’s personal wishes. A single feature can be preserved, development can be limited or the entire landscape may be conserved…” The Land Trust is responsible for ensuring that the terms of the easement are honored.

A copy of the Whatcom Land Trust Easement for the Lake Whatcom Treatment Center can be obtained by visiting the Whatcom County Assessor’s Office and requesting it. I considered printing it, but in lieu of the “attacks” that have been launched against me, I'm urging opponents to go get a copy for themselves. No one is paying me to do your research. - Parcel #380324 168197 0000.

Treatment Center caught in center of debate about development in Lake Whatcom Watershed:

Whatcom Land Trust Newsletter:

Whatcom Watch Article linking Vineyard Development Proponents to Lake Whatcom Treatment Center project:

Lake Whatcom Water and Sewer District Construction Standards: Brief description below:

2.1.2 Minimum Pipe Size
Minimum pipe size for new or replaced water lines is eight (8) inches in diameter. Dead end lines are only permitted where there is a cul-de-sac and where it is not possible to make a loop. Blow offs or fire hydrants shall be installed at the end of a dead end line.

Feasibility Studies:
Definition of a Feasibility Study: a preliminary analysis of a proposed business idea, plan, project, or strategy to provide an overview of the primary related issues and to assist a project proponent to determine if the proposed project is a viable strategy, financially and operationally. It may also include an analysis of POTENTIAL scenarios and a recommendation on the best solution to use. Feasibility studies are prepared by project proponents -- not the government agency being petitioned for service, not neighboring property owners.

What a Feasibility Study is not: a contractual agreement to provide services. Feasibility studies are a basic analysis submitted by a project proponent.

Whatcom County Council decision: Please see January 28, 2003 regular meeting minutes.

Domestic water systems are included in the Growth Management Act's definition of rural services according to the Dept of Health's Interim Planning Guidance for the Municipal Water Law (DOH Publication#331-256) attachment 8.

WA State Dept of Health Water System data: Water System Id - 00653

There’s much more, but I risk boring everyone to death. Let’s call it a day.

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